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Boat Ramps Unveiled at Adolph Thomae Jr. Park

ARROYO CITY, TX - It’s a celebration at a Cameron County attraction known as Adolph Thomae Jr County Park. It’s located in Arroyo City. The site is known as a fisherman’s spot. The problem, the facility was getting crowded and visitors had trouble with the lack of boat ramps. It caused congestion and crowding at parking lots.

From 2 ramps to 4, on October 27,2017 Cameron County unveils new additions.

Joe Vega, Parks Director for Cameron County says, “It’s boat ramp that was very well needed. We’re very excited. It’s going to be a great addition to the park.”

The new parking facility increases parking to 42 truck and trailer spaces. Two new ramps make boating activities more accessible. They are complete with docks and fish cleaning stations. The County estimates the project cost an estimated 850,000 thousand dollars.

With nearly 60,000 visitors to this park a year, the site is a popular destination for fisherman. Locals joke about a syndrome known as Ramp Rage, a condition similar to road rage, except it’s about impatient ramp users. With this opening, the county officials expect to speed up the boat docking experience.

“Especially during the summer. There was a lot of congestion a lot of bottlenecking because we only had one boat ramp.” Says Vega.

Friday October 27 is the first official use of the ramps. They are ready to be used by the public.

 “We want people to come and enjoy and also take ownership and protect the area,” says Vega.  

As Part of that protection to the environment Cameron County tried to minimize their environemental impact. The park director tell us about the use of pervious paving system as opposed to traditional paving methods. Unlike asphalt, this material is made from environmentally friendly material and may require less maintenance.

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