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Recently an American toddler was found in Ciudad Juarez without a parent.

The mother allegedly abandoned him in a warehouse back in February.

To avoid situations like this one the State of Texas does provide help to the parent if they wish to relinquish parental rights.

The Texas Child Safe Have Act also known as Baby Moses lets parents anonymously drop off babies under the age of 60 days in a Safe Haven location.

These locations can be certified fire departments, any hospital or an EMS station with a certified nurse or paramedic.

The parent may keep the baby’s information confidentially, but it is highly suggested to provide health conditions for the proper care.

If the child is older than two months the child Protective Services can be contacted for more details.

If a parent, wishes to voluntary provide the child with a different caregiver a form attached to this story may be filled out.

The caregiver can be a relative such a grandmother, aunt, uncle a sibling older than 18 years.

This form can be filled out by following the instructions, and without hiring an attorney, and for more services in the state of Texas a person can always contact 2-1-1.   

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