Attorney Says New Evidence From Mayoral Race Proves Conspiracy

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New evidence is coming forward in which attorney Rick Salinas says further proves there was a voting conspiracy in the Mission Mayoral race. Today Salinas held a press conference detailing the new evidence.

The Salinas team says the newly discovered evidence will help aid in a criminal investigation and other candidates may be implicated in voter fraud.

“As a lawyer, for my father, I want to see him back in office.” Says Rick Salinas.

Former Mission Mayor Beto Salinas watched quietly in a corner as his attorney, and son, Rick Salinas presented new evidence which he says further proves the O’Caña campaign engaged in voter fraud.  
The new evidence stems around a man named Marco Perez who had received a check for $1,500 during the campaign.  Perez was not in attendance but was represented by his attorney Richard Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says the testimony by Esmer Lara seemed to implicate his client may have been involved in voter fraud. “My client wants to make it very, very clear that all of her testimony regarding Mr. Perez was completely and absolutely false.”

Both attorneys presented an affidavit which states in May 2018, Lara claimed to have influence over 225 mail in ballot votes and was being paid in cash by O’Caña and was also working for other candidates.  

“My client came forward with some information a picture through a text message that was sent by Miss Lara showing multiple mail in ballots in here possession.”

The Salinas team says the picture is evidence that Lara was harvesting ballots. Something she denied under oath.

“All the information has been handed over to the Attorney General’s office. It’s being handed over to the district attorney’s office it’s going to be handed over to the FBI and the Texas Rangers.”

Rick Salinas says his office has been informed the Secretary of State’s Office has determined a criminal investigation in warranted in this case.
Salinas also says campaign finance reports show the same consulting firm accused of committing voter fraud during the trial was used by other candidates beside Armando O’Caña.

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