Animal Control Facility NOT Taking Drop Offs Raises Concerns, Priority Animals Only Being Taken

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“We’re still picking up animals daily. We’re not stopping” explained Cameron County Environmental Health Director Gustavo Olivares.

By March of 2017 Cameron County Animal Control Facility is expected to add 40 kennels.

The current facility has 10 kennels and can fit up to 4 dogs in each, depending on the size and behavior.

Construction is underway for the new million dollar facility.

However, the construction phase has forced the county to turn animals away, picking up priority animals.

KVEO News Center 23 went to the Cameron County Animal Control Facility in San Benito to speak with staff but were told to Cameron County Environmental Health Director Gustavo Olivares could give answers.

“We’re not allowing the public to go through our construction site” explained Director Olivares on why drop offs were being turned away.

Director Olivares says if someone wants their animal picked up they need to call the county and make arraignments.

The priority calls the county is focusing on are animal bites and animals posing an immediate threat.

“So if we get a call from a resident saying ‘hey I no longer want my dog that I’ve owned for 5 years’ well they got to be patient and be responsible pet owners because we are addressing the priority calls such as animals running at large or attacking people biting people at a school district.” explained Director Olivares.

To make arraignments for animal drop off or pick up contact the Public Health Dept at (956) 247-3599.

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