After Dolphin Rescued at SPI, The Do’s and Don’ts of Sea Mammal Rescue

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After the rescue of a Bottlenose Dolphin on SPI earlier this week, SeaWorld San Antonio Rescue Team, NOAA, and the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network want you to know how help an animal in need.

Don’t try to push them back out into the water. Alert the proper authorities. Keep people and pets away from the animal. Try to keep the animal moist with wet towels or t-shirts. Do not pour water in their blowhole. It would be like pouring water up your nose.

SeaWorld San Antonio Rescue Team says to call 1-800-9-MAMMAL. They will get you in contact with the local marine mammal stranding network. Make sure to give your location, contact number and be as descriptive in the severity of injuries and the type of animal. It could help save their life.

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