Africanized bees sting, kill family dogs

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A Texas family is mourning the deaths of two pet dogs in a bee attack at their home. One person inside the home is recovering after being stung dozens of times.

Alan Roy said, “It all was like a perfect storm, next thing you know you’ve got a big ole mess.”

Before they knew it, a swarm of dangerous Africanized Bees took over the Roy’s backyard, while their two family dogs were playing outside.  Alan Roy wasn’t home at the time but his father James, saw the whole thing.

Alan Roy, “The white dog when he saw her outside, she was completely black. He opened the door to go outside and when he did a swarm came after him.”

James Roy was stung about 50 times. He was hospitalized and made it out okay, but for their dogs Susie and Sammy, it was too late.

Alan Roy, “Our dogs in a sense were heroes in the fact that the bees kept attacking them and my dad was able to get away.”

 Roy says that they were stung about a thousand times each.

Michael Nickell from the Sibley Nature Center said, “I would say probably about 15 or 20 stings and it would be potentially dangerous to just about anybody,”

Sibley Nature Center Scientist Michael Nickell says Africanized bee colonies are more dangerous because they attack in larger groups, and with more aggression. He says if you ever get swamped by a swarm, don’t follow your intuition. DO NOT SWAT AT THEM.

Instead, run away in a straight line, cover your face and don’t jump into water because they’ll wait for you to come to the surface for air.

Alan Roy said that Africanized bees have made their way up here so they’re here to stay and we just have to make sure we watch out for them because they’re not anything to play with.

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