Advocates Praise Governor Abbott’s Call to Ban Sanctuary Cities and Strengthen Border Security

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Governor Greg Abbott today listed banning sanctuary cities and strengthening border security in the State of Texas as top legislative priorities in his State of the State address. Border security advocates were quick to offer praise for the Governor’s call to action:

“The State’s continued action to increase the presence of the Department of Public Safety personnel along the Texas-Mexico border has appreciably improved the level of security experienced by private property owners in an area that extends north of the Border Patrol checkpoints. Members of the South Texans’ Property Rights Association commend Governor Abbott and the state for their actions, which have resulted in better cooperation among the Border Patrol, the DPS and local law enforcement in filling the wide void left by the federal government in performing its obligation to protect our national borders.”

Susan J. Kibbe, Executive Director, South Texans’ Property Rights Association

“I’m proud to see our Governor, Greg Abbott, place strong emphasis on protecting Texans by pressing for coordination with federal agencies to remove criminal aliens from our communities. Too often we have seen heinous crimes committed by criminal aliens who prey upon our fellow Texans. As a former Sheriff in Harris County, I saw examples of violent crimes committed by those who have demonstrated—by their own conduct—that they should not be allowed to live among us.”

Ron Hickman, Retired Harris County Sheriff

“I fully support Governor Abbott and his call to ban sanctuary cities in the State of Texas. The Governor’s commitment to the Rule of Law and his steadfast opposition to allowing cities to simply ignore ICE detainers are what will keep the citizens of this state safe. I look forward to working with Governor Abbott and his office as we seek to make Texas even safer.”

Joel Richardson, Randall County Sheriff

“As a Sheriff,  I believe that it is imperative to work with all law enforcement agencies- local, State and Federal. Local law enforcement’s primary concern is public safety. Part of keeping dangerous people off the streets involves close cooperation with federal authorities.  No Sheriff wants to be in a position where somebody loses their life because of something we didn’t do that we should have done under federal law. I commend Governor Abbott for his efforts to keep all levels of government working together to keeps Texans safe.”

Greg Hamilton, Former Travis County Sheriff

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