8 year old saves toddler from drowning

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As summer heats up, you might think children are safe in the pool, even when there are adults around.
The story of how one girl saved the life of a toddler who was drowning is a stark reminder of how quick it can happen. Once scared of the water, eight year old Cayleigh Hunt is now an excellent swimmer.
If you didn’t know any better you might think she were a mermaid. Over the weekend Cayleigh was visiting her grandparents’ apartment pool when she saw a three year old girl in trouble.

Cayleigh, “I just turned around and she was like trying, just like struggling to come up.”
So Cayleigh jumped into action. “I lifted her up from underneath so she could breathe and then I grabbed on to her and I pushed her over to the steps where she could stand so she could start breathing again.” It all happened in an instant.

“Her parents were surprised, but they were happy at the same time and one of them wanted to hug me.”
Carrie Hunt, Cayleigh’s mom, “We’re pretty proud of her.”

“Her parents left quickly is what my dad said, they just wrapped her up and took her home.”
“Her mom and her dad kept saying thank you very much and I was like, you’re welcome!”
The scare serves as a reminder that every parent thinks it would not happen to them until it does.
Summertime fun can come with risks and watching out for each other can make all the difference.

The American Red Cross says even a few inches of water in a baby pool is enough to drown. It also reminds parents not to get distracted by their phones.

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