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Hundreds took the Oath of Citizenship in a large naturalization ceremony. 472 people from 23 countries are represented.

It’s a start of a new life for many. On March 1, 2017, 472 people were sworn in as citizens of the United States, right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

They filled the Brownsville Event Center. Some were ecstatic, their families waiting on the sidelines. All were joined for one purpose. To swear allegiance and love for this country.

Victoria Melchor – New Citizen, “I’m a history teacher so it is something that I can bring back to school and be proud of. Now I’m not just teaching them about the rights of a citizen, or anything about citizenship, but also, I can be a role model.”

Among the hundreds sworn 23 countries represented. Some include Cote D’ovoire, Ghana, Italy, the Philippines, Korea and of course Mexico.

Miguel Hinojosa, “First of I’m going to celebrate with my family. I spent a lot of time trying to get this document. Now I’ve achieved it.”

After the oath was administered, a new wave of Americans claims their official documents.
Some claiming this accomplishment would not change who they are.

Arlene Balite Pardo, “I don’t think I’ll do different except do my duties and responsibilities as an American citizen.”

Immediately after the ceremony, many rushed to register to vote. Some in attendance say they look forward to participating in the next elections.

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