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2017 is just a few days away but as we get closer we want to revisit what this year has meant for the Rio Grande Valley. Our News Center 23’s Emily Jimenez visits with our police departments in the lower valley to see what 2016 was in the fight against crime.

Police departments across the Rio Grande Valley are ready to welcome in a new year. But not before reviewing 2016 and what has been accomplished in the fight against crime. We visited with the Brownsville Police Department.

J.J. Trevino, Brownsville Police Department, “But more than anything we didn’t do too bad, in auto thefts for instance we had 143 in 2015 and we had 154 to date in this year.”

Arrests went up for Brownsville PD from 382 last year to 414 this year. Though auto thefts went up, car break ins went down from 1,600 last year to 1,200 this year. And according to Detective J.J. Treviño there were only a few homicide cases.

Detective Treviño, “It’s pretty low this year. Was very low, which is a good thing.”

We also sat down with the Harlingen Police Department. That department had a significant reduction in arrests.

Dave Osbourne, Harlingen Police Department, “Arrests are down because less crime is happening. We go around through our neighborhoods, and our burglaries are being reduced there’s less crime taking place therefore making less arrests.”

A decrease in burglaries is the most notable. A 24% reduction in home burglaries compared to last year. An 11% reduction in all other types. All which Commander Dave Osborne attributes to better crime-focused intel.

Commander Osbourne, “2016 has been one heck of a year and in our department in we’ve been very proud of our efforts.”

But no matter what types and numbers of crimes they’re facing, both departments are ready to tackle on the new year.

Detective J.J. Treviño, “Hopefully this coming year all of that will be of better service for the community and the officers.”

Commander Dave Osbourne, “We’re looking forward to a bright 2017, we are looking forward to continuing our crime reduction efforts and improving our relationships with our communities.”

Crime stats for this year are still unofficial numbers as the fiscal year doesn’t wrap up for most police departments until mid-January.

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