Lawmakers considering act to make animal cruelty a federal crime


MCALLEN, Texas — Lawmakers in Washington are considering an act that would make animal cruelty a federal crime. Federal laws protecting animals could be in effect soon. The proposal is getting support on both sides of the aisle.

The majority of animal cruelty laws are only at a state level. But the proposed preventing animal cruelty and torture act also known as the PACT Act can change that soon. It’s something that has animal lovers content.

Under a current law crush videos, where people torture and kill animals such as puppies with the intent of gaining viewers on the internet, is illegal. The proposed PACT Act goes beyond that making burning, crushing, suffocating, or sexual exploitation of an animal in interstate commerce or within the United States a federal crime.

In Texas, cruelty to a non-livestock animal is a Class A Misdemeanor. However, the offense is a state jail felony if the person has been convicted twice before.

To be taken up for a vote, the bill would need 290 co-sponsors. If the bill is passed and if someone is convicted of animal cruelty that person can face up to five years in prison.

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