Harlingen Municipal Court warns of court related scams

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HARLINGEN, Texas – The Harlingen Municipal Court is warning residents not to fall for scams that have started appearing in the City of Amarillo and the City of Lubbock.

In the City of Amarillo scammers are calling people while spoofing their number in order to appear as an Amarillo Police Department dispatch number. They tell the person on the phone that they need to pay outstanding warrants over the phone.

In the City of Lubbock scammers are sending letters with a letterhead claiming to be from the Lubbock Municipal Court. The letter appears to be signed digitally by an “Attorney General” and are issued under the title “Issuance of Incompetence”. It tells the recipient that they have committed some crime and need to pay, or they will be taken before the Lubbock Municipal Court.

The Harlingen Municipal Court wants to make its resident aware that they will not call and ask you to pay any outstanding fines over the phone, nor will the court send “Issuance of Incompetence” letters.

The public is advised that if you receive any phone calls or letters claiming they owe money and to immediately pay over the phone, that they should consider it a scam.

If in doubt about whether there is a court matter, the Harlingen Municipal Court urges citizens to call Monday through Friday between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. at (956)216-5121, or visit the court at 1018 Fairpark Blvd., Harlingen, Texas.

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