Former city manager testifies on termination of former police chief


ALAMO, Texas – Former Alamo City Manager Luciano Ozuna Jr. took the stand this afternoon testifying that Alamo Mayor Diana Martinez wanted former police chief Baudelio Castillo out of the department.

For months Castillo has questioned why he was terminated. Claiming city officials never gave him a reason. Today, Ozuna testified that Mayor Diana Martinez placed Castillo’s termination on a council meeting agenda because she was dissatisfied with his way of working and other reasons.

Ozuna added a contributing factor to Castillo’s termination was he allegedly purchased guns for the department without proper authorization. The defense attorney questioned Ozuna as to why he never questioned an invoice of over $10,000 until five months later.

“How am I supposed to think about that?! I have other things to take care of.” said Ozuna.

Castillo testified new guns for officers were a serious safety concern because they had not been replaced in 19 years and posed a threat for the community and officers’ safety.

The judge is expected to make a ruling today. The defense attorney claims Castillo’s termination came suddenly after he started investigating a city employee who is allegedly the mayor’s friend and for allegedly being involved in criminal organization activities.

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