Activists Demand Lawmakers Close Detention Centers


Immigration activists demanding US Representatives act now to close detention center across the country and to vote no on spending money on family separations and deportations.

At a time when immigration is at the center of political debate and detention and processing centers under scrutiny for the living conditions migrants live under, local advocates in the Rio Grande Valley joining a nationwide effort to get the US lawmakers to take action.

A national advocacy group MoveOn, encouraging activists to gather outside the offices of various US Senators and Representatives to demand they close the detention facilities, including at Congressman Filemon Vela’s office.

The opposition come a day after a congressional delegation visited some of the facilities and reported migrants living in inhumane conditions, an allegation the US Border Patrol Chief of Operations denies.

US Customs and Border Protection also states that its short-term holding facilities are not designed to hold “vulnerable populations” and they need additional humanitarian funding to manage the crisis.

Recently, President Donald Trump signed a bill to send $4.6 billion in emergency funding to the border.

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