Athletes ready for emotional Opening Ceremony

Going for the Gold 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony is here!

The athletes village in Rio was closed to media access because of the Opening Ceremony, but that hasn’t stopped athletes from coming outside to visit with their home country’s media.

Some athletes say the range of emotions will be broad from tears to doing everything possible to hold them back.

“It could be a tear jerker,” long-distance runner Dominique Scott-Efurd said.

The opening ceremony will welcome some 10,500 athletes from countries around the world

“I think I will get chill bumps, I hope I don’t cry, ” Weeks said.

Many are living their childhood dreams.

“I just remember watching it as a little girl and imaging what it would be like to be there, instead of watching it on a screen tonight I get to be there in real life,” pole vaulter Sandi Morris beamed.

Team USA’s Morris is a gold medal favorite in women’s pole vault, but she won’t be alone, her friend and fellow Team USA pole vaulter 19-year-old Lexi Weeks will join Morris with her first entrance as an Olympian.

“I wanna soak it all in, I wanna take everything I can out of this experience. Just walking out there in USA gear, along with all the other USA athletes and then just athletes across the world,” Weeks said.

Morris and Weeks went to college with runner Scott-efurd, but his walk tonight will be a bit different.

“And just to be one of those athletes to be representing South Africa in the green and gold it’s going to be really special.”

Opening ceremony at Marcana Stadium, it will be a night in Brazil these athletes will never forget.

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