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This year companies will be dropping about $5 million dollars for 30 seconds of ad time during the Big Game, and some of those ads will be great, and other will not.

David Paul, Founder & CEO of  DialSmith, “Our work is really all about capturing what people think and feel in that moment when they’re feeling it.”

Their technology allows companies to pinpoint what people are and aren’t responding to in watching they’re watching.

David Paul, “Puppies, home run every single time. Kids home run every single time. You put puppies and kids together, forget about it.”

That part might seem obvious, but it gets a lot more nuanced. The tech works like this, as you watch the ads, you move the slider.

David Paul, “From zero, I hate it, to 100, I love it.”

You can do this on your computer, phone or tablet.

David Paul, “As the ad plays in the video player here, you can rate it with the exact same slider.”

And DialSmith can monitor your ratings in real time.

David Paul, “Anything that scores over a 70, 75 is really really strong.”

DialSmith Employee, “So the colored lines represent the different groups. We could see where maybe it trended up for males or trended down for females.”

Trevor Ault, Reporter, “So this is an example of a particularly successful ad campaign from Skittles, and it really landed with millennials-about 9 seconds in you can see that red line start to jump as the likability trends up, and then the rest of the groups also got on board later on.”

And that’s where you come in, as each ad is released, we’ll have it ready for you to watch under the Big Game category of our website. Then after the game, we’ll be talking about which ads were your favorites, and which ones were not.

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