The Welcome Home Winter Texan Report

Winter Texan
Friday, January 18, 2013 - 9:05am

Hi, This is Kristi Collier with your Welcome Home Winter Texan report. We are reporting to day from Alamo Rose RV Resort in Alamo Tx, where we are having an in park information expo with vendors from across the valley. To educate the residents on all the Rio Grande Valley has to offer. We are at Alamo Rose with Jan Jackson from Fayetteville Arkansas, who is the first time winter Texan so we thought we would ask her what she thinks of the Rio Grande Valley. So Jan, how is it going so far?

Kristi Collier, "Oh, I enjoy it very much, I love it. Everybody is really nice and friendly and lots of activities to do. This is great having this health center today. Is there anything you would like too tell you friends back home what would you like to tell them about Texas?"

Jan Jackson, "Oh I'm having a ball you need to be with me, It great here, everyone is wonderful, I just can't began to tell you. You are missing some warmer weather tag you ware having in Arkansas, 14 degrees yesterday."

Kristi Collier, "No Thank you, I thing we are at the height of 52 today?" Jan Jackson, "Yes! but it has been warmer."

Kristi Collier, "We are here with Bob Davis who is the activity director here at Alamo Rose, who is going t o tell us what they have going here all winter season." Bob Davis, "Well, we are actually quite busy this year. We have activity going on seven days a week. Everyone one is chipping in and helping out and having good time."

Kristi Collier, "There is no lack of activity."

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