Wind Turbine Provides Electricity for Indian Lake Town Hall Bldg.

Friday, July 6, 2012 - 2:19pm

One of the valley's smallest towns is doing something pretty big.

News Center 23's Na'Tassia Finley has more on the Town of Indian Lake using an alternative source of energy.

Indian Lake, population 780, but the small community is making big strides, perhaps the first in Cameron County to implement an alternative energy source by means of a wind turbine.

The town applied for a federal grant a few years back that made this all possible.

The energy acquired through the turbine will provide electricity in the town Hall and all of its offices.

It's estimated that the wind generator will save the Town of Indian Lake about 50% on their electric bill.

"Any savings that we have, you know for the electricity will definitely play a part in our budget. Anything that plays apart in our budget is beneficial to the town's people," says Indian Lake Mayor, Barbara Collum.

And the wind energy not used will not go to waste.

"The power I know goes through the grid; if you do not use the power then it goes back into the grid and then they reimburse you for that," says Mayor Collum.

On top of the money saving factor, there's an environment saving factor too.

"Besides not using the fossil fuels on the wind generator, that's going to be a big thing because it makes our air cleaner, just you know, going green is the thing to do right now and that's where we're going," says the Mayor.

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