Why All the Severe WX Across the RGV?

Friday, May 11, 2012 - 2:19pm

It seems like we've been either pounded or at least threatened with the possibility of severe weather several times in the last month and a half all across the Rio Grande Valley.

So what's behind the recent boom in bad weather? "

This wasn't a situation where we expected big, long lived tornadoes," says Head Meteorologist at the Brownsville National Weather Service, Steve Drillette.

It actually turned out to be a pretty decent day once the rain and threat of tornadoes passed.

But on several occasions in the last five or six weeks the valley has seen some severe weather not really typical for South Texas...

"Every eight to ten years or so we go through a cycle and just get into a pattern that is more conducive to severe weather," explains Drillette.

While our region of Texas always has moisture and humidity in the air, officials at the NWS say the upper level pressure systems that have been making their way more south...are more or less colliding with the moisture in the air and we end up with more severe thunderstorms and heavy rain because of it.

Drillete says the last time we had a cycle of storms like this was around 2003.

In the meantime, meteorologists are still trying to confirm reports of Friday's storms.

"We have a couple of reports of tornadoes. We have a couple of people out there investigating in those areas to see if these reports match up with our radar," says Drillette.

Even if a tornado did touch down, the head meteorologist says it's likely that wind would have done more damage than any tornado itself.

The National Weather Service is already tracking a line of storms expected to move in by Tuesday, Drillette says those storms at this point aren't expected to be as severe as what we experienced over night and Friday.

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