Weather Talk

Atlantic Hurricane Season could hold some surprises

The Atlantic hurricane season is about as quiet as last year, with only five named storms so far, but that doesn't mean you can sit back and relax.

Hurricane Season... "It Ain't Over Yet!"

Let's face it!  The Valley needed a really good rain.  A few waves of tropical moisture have delivered that rain in the last few days.  The grass, the trees, and the bushes all look so beautiful and green.  The air is fr

We're ABOVE NORMAL on Rainfall!... for the moment.

Get the party horns and the confetti ready!!  For the first time all year, Brownsville is ABOVE NORMAL on year-to-date rainfall.  As of Monday night, Brownsville received 18.03 inches for the year, 8.52 inches for the month of Septemb

What to do in case of flooding

No one can deny the wild weather we have experienced these past couple of days. Anywhere from flood warnings to tornado warnings, the Valley has seen it all.

Extended Forecast

Most of us got a very substantial amount of rain earlier today, others too much where flooding occurred.

We Must Watch the Gulf this Weekend

Friday night, the low pressure system we expected to bring the RGV heavy rainfall, is now being watched by the National Hurricane Center.  The area of low pressure, within 150 miles of SPI, now has at 10% chance of developing into a tropic

Tropical Update: New Threat to Gulf?

A tropical convective mass sits over the Bahamas.  It has a 10% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours, according to the National Hurricane Center.  What makes the area of concern interesting is that lon

Where Are We? In the Universe, That Is?

If you're like me, then the first thing you do when you enter a mall is look for the map.  I don't care if I've been to that mall 500 times, I need to know where all the stores are!

Getting a taste of fall-like weather

We are about 16 days away from the official start of fall, and already we are seeing beautiful cool weather. What was supposed to be an rain action packed weekend, turned out to be quite different.

Remnants of Dolly to help produce more rain

Tropical Depression Dolly is no more, but the remnants of it are still haunting Brownsville and the RGV. Dolly drenched Mexico's Gulf coast before moving inland over mountains and dissipating on Wednesday.

Thanks, Dolly, for Some Decent Rain

Wednesday was the Valley's best chance to get some much needed rainfall out of Tropical Storm Dolly.  Well, Dolly did not disappoint.  The RGV could get more rain on Thursday as well.

Tropical Storm Dolly, yes "Dolly!"

Thank goodness this Dolly is taking a track a little more to the south into Mexico!  Yes, the National Hurricane Center reuses storm names, but it is extremely unusual to have two storms with the same names in very similar proximity. 

Tropical Depression to Affect the RGV

Tropical Depression Five has formed in the southern Gulf of Mexico.  According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, its trajectory will take the depression northwest toward the RGV.  On Tuesday, it is likely to reach tropical st

Another Tropical Concern Next Week?

The Valley received a good round of t-showers on Friday, delivering over an inch and a half to McAllen and surrounding areas.  This was caused by a simple low pressure system parked just off shore.  It never strengthened into anything

A More Active Gulf

A weakly defined area of convection a little NE of Houston has a 20% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours.  The area of concern is drifting SW at 20 mph.  This convective mass will enhance the chance o