Weather Talk

More of "Nature's Fireworks" for Thursday

It's hard to believe that the 4th of July is just 10 days away.  These firework stands are open in Harlingen.  Even though the Valley is below normal on its year-to-date rainfall, we are lucky that fireworks are not illegal, as th

Not Enough Rain to Float a Boat... Yet.

The Monday morning cloudy skies and scattered showers were quite nice in Harlingen and much of the Lower Valley.  The scattered Monday evening t-showers brought some much needed rain to Starr County.  But rain totals did not exactly w

Hurricane outlook in the Atlantic for June

There hasn't been a lot of rain fall in the Valley lately. We usually get our rain from the hurricanes that form in the Atlantic.

What does the first day of summer really mean?

Summer is easily one of my personal favorite season's of the year.

Sun protection do's and don'ts

Summer is upon us, just one day away. This means we all want to have that great skin tone and body tone to rock our bathing suits on the beach. But exposing your skin too much to the sun is very unhealthy.

Extended Forecast

We have seen quiet weather for the most part this week.

Thunderstorms can strike no matter where you are

Predicting a severe thunderstorm isn't easy, especially if you are out sailing and having fun. Although the odds are in your favor that your boat may never be hit by lightning, if it happens it can have devastating effects.

Twin Tornadoes: Is it a rare phenomenon?

As you may have already seen and heard, two tornadoes with deadly force devastated a small town in Northeast Nebraska Monday afternoon.

Quirky weather facts you weren't aware of

In light of the monsoon, I decided to share a few fun facts about weather you probably didn't know about.

Monsoon in the Valley

Many people think when the monsoon begins it means we will automatically see severe weather and endless rain come our way.

What to do in a Severe Thunderstorm

Despite their size, all thunderstorms are dangerous. Every thunderstorm produces lightning, which kills more people each year than tornadoes. Heavy rain from thunderstorms can lead to flash flooding.

Your Father's Day Weekend Forecast

Kids sometimes think they need to buy something for dad for Father's Day.  Let me give the kids a little hint:  If you are a happy, healthy child, and you run over and give your dad a big hug and say, "Happy Father&#

Temperatures Could Peak on Thursday. Why?

The Upper Valley hit the triple-digits on Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday may end up being the hottest day of the week.

Look Up Any Hurricane's Track & Dates!

Let's say you'd like to look up the exact track of Hurricane Dolly.  In addition, you'd like to overlay the track of Hurricane Juan and compare the two storms.

Tornado watch for Eastern New Mexico

And the weather coverage continues for New Mexico and the Panhandle region. Ruidoso had a Tornado warning in Lincoln County which expired at 3:15p.m.