Weather Talk

Cities across the country taking the heat of climate change

The National Climate Assessment was released last Tuesday and the information it revealed was intense to say the least.

A Mother's Day Between Rain and Storms

The RGV was treated to some clouds and light rain showers on Thursday.  The only measurable rainfall was recorded by Bayview with a total of 0.03 inches on Thursday.

From Stratocumulus to Nimbostratus Clouds?

Look at these beautiful Stratocumulus clouds photographed over Harlingen.  Stratocumulus clouds are a class of clouds characterized by large dark, rounded masses, usually in groups, lines, or waves.  These clouds are a cross between c

Feliz Cinco de Mayo Debajo de lo Normal

"Happy 'Below Normal' Fifth of May!"  What an absolutely beautiful day for Cinco de Mayo.  What made the day so nice was that the high temperatures were a little below nomal for this time of year.

Gustnadoes are very common in the Borderland Region

As we are nearing the the time when we start to see thunderstorms, we also run into the chance of seeing gustnadoes. El Paso,TX rarely sees tornadoes in the area, but we do see plenty of gustnadoes.

El Nino looks like its forming earlier than expected

Chief Meteorologist Chuck Debroder from NBC Affiliate KTSM, and myself went to a weather convention last week at the National Weather Service headquarters at Santa Teresa, NM and the kind information we got from it was intense.

Seattle Weather, Anyone?

When we think of Seattle, Washington, we think of clouds, cool air, and rain showers, right? Well, there will be almost no difference between the RGV forecast for Friday and the forecast for Seattle.

Even the Birds are Waiting for the Cold Front

Notice that these beautiful birds are looking to the North and East.  Coincidence?  I think not!

A Record April Heat Wave

Wow!  What a heat wave!  Even for the RGV, this weekend and Monday were exceptionally warm. Here is some official high temperature information for Monday, April 28.

Largest U.S. storm to happen in the next few days

Strong winds and gusts are what we have been talking about for the past two days.

How to keep safe in High Wind weather

Today is a perfect day to keep some of these windy tips in hand. Fortunately we aren't seeing extremely high winds, but they are still strong enough to cause some major damage.

The Cold Front You Almost Didn't Notice

Happy Friday, everyone, and TGIF. 

Patchy Fog Anyone?

Have you ever wondered why the RGV gets very little fog on a cloudy night and quite a bit of fog on a clear night?

Lyrid Meteor Shower

If you enjoy stargazing, then you will enjoy a multi-day meteor shower call the Lyrid Meteor shower.

Not Just Any Bunny at the Zoo!

When we think of the Gladys Porter Zoo, we think of giraffes, monkeys, and... bunnies.