Weather Talk

Look Up Any Hurricane's Track & Dates!

Let's say you'd like to look up the exact track of Hurricane Dolly.  In addition, you'd like to overlay the track of Hurricane Juan and compare the two storms.

Tornado watch for Eastern New Mexico

And the weather coverage continues for New Mexico and the Panhandle region. Ruidoso had a Tornado warning in Lincoln County which expired at 3:15p.m.

Flash Flood Watch for TX Panhandle and Oklahoma

Flash Flooding is the number one natural hazard killer in the U.S. This is why it's extremely important to get the word out that there is a flash flooding watch in TX Panhandle, and areas in Oklahoma.

Prepare Now, Before the Next Storm

Recognize that image?  I'll give you a hint:  This tropical storm made landfall on the Yucatán Peninsula near Cancún early on July 21, 2008, leaving at least 17 people dead in Guatemala and one person dead in the Yuc

Why Was the Name 'Dolly' NOT Retired?

The following is a list of storms for the 2014 Hurricane Season.  Please note the storm name that begins with "D."  Anyone who has lived in the RGV for a few years will understand the significance of that name.  But why

True or False: Rip Currents Pull People Underwater?

We often here about the "Risk of Rip Currents" being High or Low.  We may wonder:  "Do rip currents pull people underwater?"

Hurricane Season 2014 Begins Sunday

It's that time of the year again...  June 1, the beginning of Hurricane Season.  Nature has gone easy on the RGV for the last few years.  The last noteable storm was Alex back in 2010.

A Recap of Wednesday's Strong Storms

What a Wednesday afternoon!  A big storm system moved slowly through Texas during the Memorial Day weekend.  In its wake, Texas experienced severe storm after severe storm.  Numerous tornados were spawned throughout the state as

A Blessed Memorial Day... Weather-Wise Too

While we took some time today to remember all the service members who died for our country, and while we honored all the people who served in the armed forces, we should be thankful and grateful for their sacrifices.

Strongest Category 4 May Hurricane in Easter Pacific

Named Amanda, it is now the strongest May Eastern Pacific Hurricane on record. Still at a category 4, Amanda has the strength close to a category 5 hurricane.

Comet to pass close to Earth after Meteorshower

Was the late night and sore necks worth gazing up in the sky for the unique meteor shower that was visible in the middle of the night?

Your Holiday Weekend Forecast

The Memorial Weekend is here.  First, please take a moment and remember the people who have paid the ultimate price for our United States.  Thanks to all our service members past and present who give up so much for all of us.

Please Don't Leave Fido in the Car!

It's almost summer, and it's fun to take the family dog on errands.  But please consider how dangerous it is for a dog to be left in a car when you run into the store.

What a Beautiful Stretch of Weather

When the Valley has pleasant weather, there are few places on the earth as nice.  What has been such a delight is all the sunshine WITHOUT the extreme heat.  In Brownsville, high temperatures have been below normal for seven straight