Weather Talk

Viewer Question: Why Isn't My Town on the Weather Map?

We receive a lot of mail and questions from viewers here at Newscenter 23.  One question that is asked frequently by weather lovers is... Why isn't my town's name on the weather map?

Find the Big Coat! It's Another Midnight High!

Get ready for another big cold front on Tuesday.  Cold air is sweeping across Texas, and it began to turn the winds late Monday night.

Holiday shopping saving tips

If you are one step ahead of your holiday shopping by making sure to purchase gifts for your loved one son Black Friday, you are a total shopping pro!

Tips on Hanging Christmas lights

It's that time of year for Holiday Cheer. Thanksgiving has quickly come and gone, now its time to start bringing out those wonderful Christmas decorations.

Texas Weather is "NUTS"... Literally

As you look at this photo of me with all those peanut products, you're probably saying to yourself: "Yes, that picture IS filled with NUTS!"  (Ha, thanks!)  But if you look closer, you'll realize that all those peanu

Do We Eat More in Warm or Cold Weather?

As we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving Day, closer to the family gatherings, closer to those little appetizers that only come out a couple times a year, closer to all the fixings, and, most importantly, closer to that giant turkey and tama

The Quietest Hurricane Season in 31 Years Ends Sunday!

It's gone quickly, but Hurricane Season 2014 officially ends this Sunday.  Thankfully, the RGV faced no significant tropical weather this entire season.  Oh, sure, on September 2, we were all watching the southern Gulf with antici

Weather changes and pesky allergies

The weather has been a bit crazy as the seasons begin change along with a constant variation in temperatures. For a lot of people this means the constant struggle with fighting off those pesky allergies.

What causes sniffles?

Yes its true! Aside from the wonderful Holiday's turkey stuffing celebrations and soon to be Christmas decorations comes the dreaded sniffle weather.

Stormy Saturday, Hot Sunday!

An upper level low pressure system has turned south and is heading directly for the Valley on Saturday.  This additional push of upper level energy will spawn t-showers on Saturday and may even cause some of those storms to reach severe li

A Record Cold November

People in Edinburg woke up Tuesday, and the temperature outside was 36.  36!!!!!  What?  Wait!  This is supposed to be the Valley of Texas, not the Valley of Nebraska.  Just about every town in the RGV has had mornings

A Big Meteor Shower Tonight!

Yet another significant cold front is sweeping into the Valley overnight Monday night, and temperatures will be falling into the mid to upper 30s by morning.  One of the reasons the RGV will get so cold again has to do with the mostly clea

What causes Rainbows?

With cold rainy days one thing is for sure, the light at the end of the wet roads, frizzy hair and umbrellas all feels ok at the sight of a Beautiful Rainbow.

Cold weather myths

A Cold Arctic mass is blasting the Nation, which means it's time for those cozy nights in tucked under a fuzzy blanket.

A Wind Chill Advisory Friday Morning. How is That Calculated?

A Wind Chill Advisory is posted for Cameron, Willacy, and Hidalgo Counties from midnight to 8 a.m.