Weather Talk

First time Superbowl is in outdoor stadium

The Super Bowl this year will take place during the time of year famous for East Coast snowstorms, including 2013's Winter Storm Nemo.

Why this weather is fueling the flu outbreak

It is very important to understand that with this cold and dry weather, the virus is only getting more fuel to light it's fire.

Cold Weather Creativity

Don't put away those creative cold weather garments just yet.  This Valley resident fashioned a warm hat and scarf out of what looks like a sweatshirt.  The RGV is facing one more cold morning Saturday with low temperatures right

A Wind Chill Advisory for Friday

A rare Wind Chill Advisory is posted from 12 AM Friday to 12 AM Saturday.  A major cold front will push through the RGV Thursday night.  North winds will pick up and gust to near 40 mph.  Cold rain showers will accompany this fro

Friday Won't Be This Bad, But It Will Be Cold

A blizzard blew into the nation's capital as well as many east coast states today.  Even the Super Bowl planning committee is making an emergency contingency plan just in case a blizzard hits again on Super Bowl Sunday.  Temperatu

Does Sunlight Lower Blood Pressue?

Living in the RGV may be good for your blood pressure, at least that's the focus of one interesting article by Maggie Fox of NBC News. 

Several planets visible from Earth throughout January

We have been seeing those beautiful, clear skies lately, and if you just take a minute to look up you will see all sorts of beautiful and glittery objects twinkling up in the sky.

Three eclipses to happen in North America

I have always been intrigued with space. It's so vast and the idea of getting lost there is simply invigorating.

What are Those Strange Things in the Sky?

CLOUDS!!  It's been a while, but the RGV got some clouds today with the passage of a cold front.  Low temperatures will fall into the low 50s Friday night, and Saturday will warm up significantly, into the upper 70s.  So enjo

Say Good-Bye to Perfectly Clear Skies

This is the view of the airport in Harlingen today.  The RGV has had a long stretch of crystal blue skies.  Enjoy because the clouds move in Friday with scattered showers.  Partly cloudy skies follow us into the weekend.

Chilly Winds, Clear Skies

We have experienced two cold fronts so far this week.  Normally with a cold front, we get clouds and chance of showers.  Not today nor yesterday.  Dew point temperatures dropped into the mid 30s, drying the Valley out.  We w

We Won't See Fog Like Today's Tuesday Morning

It took the sun a few hours to burn away Monday morning's fog along Highway 100.  Dew point temperatures were close to 70 however.  Tuesday morning, after the passage of a dry-air cold front, we are not likely to see any fog as de

Could we ever be inside a cloud?

Clouds are so interesting. Have you ever stared up at the sky and wondering how is it that they float all the way up there. I do, I actually day dream when I take the time to just look up at the sky, you can really get lost in thought.

Extreme weather throughout history

This year we have seen unusual weather so far, we've seen cooler temperatures in the Valley this winter. We have dropped down to the 30's for our overnight lows!!

Warm Enough for Snow?

Snow in McAllen today?  Actually, yes.  They trucked it in at Jackson Elementary School. Highs today were 81 in Brownsville and Harlingen; 82 in McAllen!