Weather Talk

Tornadoes in the Valley

So we are all aware of the dangers of Tornadoes. Southeast Texas is in what is called Tornado Alley. Houston is one of the cities that have experienced several tornadoes. But Brownsville is just outside the Tornado Alley.

Colder than Sochi, Russia!

Well, to get everyone in the mood for the 2014 Winter Olymics right here on Newscenter 23, let's kick off the opening ceremony with a Friday that was colder than Sochi, Russia.  Here were the highs across the RGV:

What a Winter!

Many in the RGV are longing to warm back up, especially the Winter Texas, who thought they came to Texas to ESCAPE the cold air.  Well, I have some good news.  We'll face one more chilly day, and then you won't believe the cha

Add A Cold Front to the Fog!

As though it has not been gloomy enough in the RGV, a cold front is blowing in Wednesday night.  Lows will drop to the low to mid 40s with (you guessed it!) lot's of fog.

Fog, Fog, and More Fog

The fog settled into the Valley Monday night at around 5 pm.  It did not clear until 11 am today.  More fog is likely overnight and Wednesday morning as well.

A Roller Coaster Week

When I say "roller coaster" weather, I mean temperatures will go up and down, up and down.  We warm up Tuesday.  We drop down Wednesday.  We fall way down Thursday.  We go back up Friday.  Up Saturday...

Groundhog vs Meteorologists

Today we celebrate both the Super Bowl and the forecasting of a rodent, that's right, Punxsutawney Phil.

Mother Nature cutting us slack for Superbowl

The big day is almost here, with friends and family members coming from all over the city to unite for this one special moment, having the perfect decorations, perfect food, and most of all the perfect TV.

A Few Drops for Super Bowl Sunday?

Oh, football lovers are as excited as they can be.  This is the big weekend, Super Bowl Sunday.  I will admit that I do not even know the rules of football, and no I have not seen an actual Super Bowl since 1995, but I still LOVE to e

A New Supermoon Is Barely Visible Tonight

What?  That's confusing.  A new supermoon happens January 30 at approximately 4:38 pm.  A new moon is a moon that is nearly dark to the eye because the light side is facing away from the earth.  A supermoom is a moon tha

Very Cold This Morning, but Sunshine Soon!

It was a truly cold morning this morning.  Brownsville, SPI,  and Weslaco all touched 32 degrees.  Lows Thursday morning will also be in the mid 30s, above freezing.

A Freeze Warning Tonight

A Freeze Warning is posted for the entire RGV from midnight until 8 a.m. Wednesday morning.  Lows are likely to fall to 32 degrees if not a couple degrees colder by morning. 

Prepare for Another Cold Front

Another cold front is in bound for the RGV for Tuesday.  Find the big coat now because temperatures will be in the 40s most of the day and drop into the 30s Tuesday night.  North winds will range from 10-40 mph.

First time Superbowl is in outdoor stadium

The Super Bowl this year will take place during the time of year famous for East Coast snowstorms, including 2013's Winter Storm Nemo.

Why this weather is fueling the flu outbreak

It is very important to understand that with this cold and dry weather, the virus is only getting more fuel to light it's fire.