Weather Talk

Maybe I've Used Too Much Fertilizer

Everyone knows I love to garden.  If I'm not applying pre-emergent weed preventer to my lawn, then I am putting down some fertilizer.  But let this photo be a warning:  don't put down to much fertilizer, or the insects ma

The challenges of forecasting for a coastal area

It's always fun filling in for Chief Meteorologist Robert Bettes. The weather is completely different from what I am used to, which is a dry and warm climate.

Attention Star Gazers!

Beautiful and clear weather in Brownsville! Looks like Mother Nature is going to allow us to enjoy one amazing cosmic treat!

Heating it up!

Today, I decided to hit the gym, only because I think it's time to shed a few pounds.  It really doesn't help too much that we have food in the newsroom almost everyday, temptation is truly my worst enemy!

Is hairspray still bad for the environment?

Is it weird that I have gone my whole life without using hairspray until I got into this business? Well it's true. It's not until 7 months ago, that I was introduced to hairspray.

The rise of the red planet

This month is just full of amazing star gazing opportunities! We are pretty much done with the first week of April and now we are heading toward the moments of staying up all night just gazing up at the sky.

Gardening Alert: Oh, no, Sooty Canker!

Oh, no, it's Sooty Canker! If you notice that the bark is falling off your tree with a dark patch that looks as though it was burned, your tree is suffering from Sooty Canker, a fungus that, if left untreated, will kill the tree.

Solar Flare Alert: April 2

We are naturally focused on weather WITHIN the atmosphere, but there's plenty of weather to talk about in space.

Get Ready to Warm Up!

Monday was a beautiful and "normal" day with highs of 83 in Brownsville, 87 in the McAllen, and 84 in Harlingen.

Are chemtrails really a conspiracy theory?

Chemtrails seems to be a poplar topic especially now that we are able to see clearer skies and are able notice more contrails left behind by certain jets or planes.

Prepare to be amazed!

Ok so everyone has heard of a blue moon right? For those who haven't a blue moon is is an extra full moon that appears twice in one season or a month.

Gardening Tip: Check Those Sprinklers!

If I have a very troubled, concerned look on my face, it's because I have an important question for lawn and garden lovers all over the RGV.  Do you know what your sprinklers are doing at night?

Perfect Day for a Wind-Powered Web Cam

Adventure Park, a great attraction on South Padre Island, has a wind-powered web camera.  If you log on and view the camera on Wednesday, you'll probably see some fog in the morning with cloudy skies most of the day.  You may also

Is it Seattle or SPI?

Do you enjoy the cool, cloudy, rainy weather?  Well, you're going to love Tuesday's forecast.  We'll see fog and clouds in the morning with cloudy skies and scattered showers much of the day.  The will climb up to 69

Is Haboob an acceptable meteorological term?

Last week, the Panhandle region saw a massive dust storm forming and it wasn't the dust storm that got some Texans a bit riled. It was the meteorological term.