Weather Talk

Very Warm Winds Blow Away the Fog

The RGV will start Thursday morning with a little patchy fog but end the day with a cold front.  Thursday will be a very warm day with highs in the upper 80s in the Upper Valley.  Most of the day, the South winds will gusts to near 40

Fog and Then Wind!

The Valley will wake up to patchy fog once again Wednesday morning.  But that fog will soon clear away to a few clouds and warm, moderate winds.  On Tuesday, the peak gusts were 28 mph in Brownsville and McAllen and 32 mph in Harlinge

A Little Cooler, A Little Rain?

It won't be a whole lot cooler, nor will we have a lot of rain, but Tuesday could bring the RGV both.  Monday's highs were 83 in Brownsville, 86 in Harlingen, and 87 in the McAllen.  Those highs are about 12 degrees ABOVE norm

Planets to watch out for in the month of February

In the Valley we will be seeing some partly cloudy skies throughout this week, but if you do get a chance, there are wonderful stars and planets to look at.

Breaking Records

The Sun City is known for having the sun shine down for more than 300 days a year.

Temperatures Moving "One Way:" UP!

Just maybe, when temperatures were in the 30s with cloudy skies and cold rain showers, just maybe the people of the RGV wished a little too much for warmer weather.  Well, we got!  Oh, boy, did we warm up!

Warm Enough for Lawn Care

Look at what I found in my yard this morning!!!  Now that the sunshine is out and temperatures have returned to normal (in fact, above normal for the weekend), it's time to prepare our lawns for spring.

The Big, Nuclear Furnace is Back!

The sun, that is!  What a welcome site!  The palm trees seem to like the visit too!

Winter's Last Stand in Texas?

A Wind Chill Advisory is posted for the RGV until 6 a.m.

Another Cold Front? Are you kidding?

It is simply hard to believe that the RGV has had so many significant cold fronts this season.  Yet, when we finally warm up a little bit, another cold front sweeps across Texas.

Disasterous Earthquakes in Texas

Given the Valley’s distance from fault lines, a large earthquake would barely be noticeable. Fact number one is Earthquakes do happen in Texas.

Tornadoes in the Valley

So we are all aware of the dangers of Tornadoes. Southeast Texas is in what is called Tornado Alley. Houston is one of the cities that have experienced several tornadoes. But Brownsville is just outside the Tornado Alley.

Colder than Sochi, Russia!

Well, to get everyone in the mood for the 2014 Winter Olymics right here on Newscenter 23, let's kick off the opening ceremony with a Friday that was colder than Sochi, Russia.  Here were the highs across the RGV:

What a Winter!

Many in the RGV are longing to warm back up, especially the Winter Texas, who thought they came to Texas to ESCAPE the cold air.  Well, I have some good news.  We'll face one more chilly day, and then you won't believe the cha

Add A Cold Front to the Fog!

As though it has not been gloomy enough in the RGV, a cold front is blowing in Wednesday night.  Lows will drop to the low to mid 40s with (you guessed it!) lot's of fog.