Weather Talk

Weeding out your garden

I hate Saturday's only because it's the one day a week that my mother makes my two siblings and I go outside and clean the front yard.

Many Changes this Weekend: Time & Weather

First, the easy change.  Turn your clocks ahead one hour when you go to bed Saturday night.  The time changes early Sunday morning.

Why do we have Daylight Saving Time?

Many of us cringe when we think we are going to lose an hour of our valuable weekend by “springing forward” this Sunday. I personally do not like losing an hour, but I do enjoy the extra daylight.

Spring Breakers, This is Why You Came to SPI!

Grab the camera, take some photos, and prove to everyone back home that the RGV does indeed have... SUNSHINE!!!

Next Chance for Rain: Sunday.

The Valley can always use some rainfall, even if it is a cold, dreary rain.  Brownsville received 0.27 inches on Tuesday, bringing the official total to 1.03 inches for the year.  Brownsville's normal rainfall for the year-to-date

Those Clouds Lock in the Cold!

Ah, what a winter it has been!  Tuesday will be yet another cold, cloudy, rainy, foggy day!  One area of improvement will be the winds.  The NE winds will range from 5-20 mph.

How to stay safe in Cold weather

Today, I took part in the 5k run for the Race for the Cure event. Not only is race for a good cause, but it also helps me stay in shape. But today as a cool front swept through the region, we ran in the chilly weather.

Hottest day ever recorded in Brownsville is...

Today was a very warm day to start off the month of March. Highs in the upper 70's and some areas saw highs in the 80's.

Could the Gusty Winds Warm Us to the 90s?

Prepare for a windy weekend and a warm weekend too!  Friday's high in McAllen was 88!  Highs in the low 90s will be possible both Saturday and Sunday in the Upper Valley.

The Giant Nuclear Furnace Returns

Oh, boy, just in time for the weekend, the sun (our big nuclear furnace) returns and warms the RGV up!  Expect highs to climb to the 80s with partly cloudy skies.

This rain is great for the lawn... and weeds.

Thursday will be cloudy and gloomy with more scattered rain showers.  Highs will climb to the upper 50s.  Expect quite a bit of fog in the morning, too.

Rain for the Orange Blossoms? Storms too?

Of course we'll start Wednesday with quite a bit of fog!  But early in the morning, the winds will begin to shift with an advancing cold front.  Those North winds will range from 10-30 mph.  Passing showers and some moderate

From Fog to Showers to Storms

We are in for some big weather changes over the next couple of days, so get ready. First, say good morning to dense fog in parts of the RGV.  That fog will clear away by mid mornings as we warm up.

Moon vs the Earth

Lately I have been seeing some really amazing pictures of the moon in Facebook and with this gorgeous weather, I was able to sit outside in my front yard and just gaze up to look at the millions of lights twinkling down and the big bright diamo

Does the Earth revolve around the sun?

1 in 4 people don't know whether earth revolves around the sun or vice versa. Yes, you read right. Apparently this isn't common knowledge for some Americans.