Weather Talk

Why Does the Rain Make Us Feel Good? Negative Ions, of course!

It's Super Bowl weekend on Newscenter 23, and I feel good!  So is it the football or all those "negative ions" floating around making me feel alert and energetic?

The Valley's Mini "Heat Wave" Continues

It's hard to believe it's still January.  We have it SO ROUGH here in the RGV.  It's been a beautiful week, but let's be honest:  the temperatures are a little too warm for this time of year.

Seven MORE Reasons the Sun Is Good for Us

I know what you're thinking:  "How in the world could you be so happy, Rob, when you're wearing a $3 pair of plastic sunglasses?"  True, my nuclear furnace radiation protective eye devices are very cheap (and even fe

The Valley Is Ready for a Sunny Weekend

After a chilly cold front and gloomy clouds, the RGV is ready to soak in some sun for a beautiful weekend. 

Another Winter Storm Will Chill Texas

Texas needs to buckle down for another winter storm.  On Wednesday night, a major cold front pushed into the Panhandle and will drop the temperature in Amarillo down to 21.  In addition to the cold air, a large upper level low pressur

Seven Reasons Why the Sun Makes Us Smile

We can all hear mom saying, "Put on your sunscreen."  Or " Wear your sunscreen, or you'll turn into a tomato."  Or "Spray on some sunscreen, or you'll wrinkle like a buffalo when you're 90!"

Winter skin care tips

It may have been pretty warm this weekend but those cooler nights may have your skin feeling a little dry and sad.

Enjoy That Big Nuclear Furnace This Weekend

It was a true pleasure hitting 65 degrees in Brownsville on Friday.  McAllen made it to 67, the "hot" spot of the Valley on Friday.  This weekend, thanks to a turn in the winds which will come in FROM the southeast at 5-25 m

Why Do Weather Guys Over 40 Give Blood?

Better question:  Why should all men over 40 consider giving blood regularly?  Easy... it helps men shed the extra iron that can build up in their blood.

Smile! Cold Air May Help Burn Fat!

There are a few people who LOVE cold fronts!  I do not happen to be one of those people, but there may be a reason to smile after all.  Cold air may jumpstart the body to burn fat in order to generate body heat!  YES!!!

Green Bay vs Cowboys: the Second Ice Bowl

As I am sitting on my couch watching the Green Bay Packers vs the Dallas Cowboys in the comfort of my own home, I can't help but think about how cold the game must be at the playoff's today.

Fracking Possibly linked to series of Texas Earthquakes

At least a dozen earthquakes hit North Texas on Tuesday in 36 hours. Geophysicists said they're looking into whether fracking may have been a factor.

Perfect Storm of Bad Weather for Saturday

Winter's misery will reach a crescendo on Saturday.  A Wind Chill Advisory is posted through the day until 3 p.m.  Another major cold front will mean north winds at 10-35 mph.  With morning and midday temperatures only in the

What Is the Best Time & Temperature for Coffee?

With a Wind Chill Advisory posted for the RGV Thursday from 3 a.m. to 10 a.m., and with cold winds that will FEEL like the 20s, we are all giving our coffee cups that evil eye!

Can the Cold Really Give You a Cold?

Mom always said, "Bundle up if it's cold outside because you might catch a cold."  Well, gosh darn it, mom might be right after all!