Weather Talk

Tips for running in chilly weather

If you find yourself facing a long list of resolutions and weight loss and health happen to be one of them, the most recent cold weather may have you feeling just a little discouraged.

Valley Rainfall Totals and Weather Record Events for 2014

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!  Okay, weather lovers, get ready!  I have compiled a brief summary of some rainfall statistics and record events in the Valley for 2014.  Once again, the RGV avoided a major tropical storm or hurricane.  We

New Year's Celebration in any weather

We only have a few days left before we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015. A cold front could soon be bringing cooler temperatures to The Valley.

A Pre-Christmas Texas Cold Front

If you're hoping for a white Christmas here in Texas, you'll have to wish a just little harder next year.  If you're hoping for a lot of cold, gusty wind right before Christmas, then, my friend, this is your forecast gift!

Winter Solstice

With the Holidays and Christmas Cheer also comes the arrival of the Winter.The winter weather hit many parts of the U.S.. early this year but the astronomical definition means the new season did not begin until 5:03 p.m.

Gift wrapping with Household items

This is your last weekend to finish that Christmas shopping. It is also the last weekend to finish wrapping those Holiday gifts. For some, gift-wrapping turns into an impressive art form full of glitter, fancy bones and shiny wrapping paper.

Winter Begins Sunday!

Though we'll never see a scene like this one in the RGV, we will be cooler for the weekend ahead with highs mainly in the upper 60s and cloudy skies.  It's a good thing we will not be 80 on Sunday evening because winter officially

Is Earth Hot or Cold Compared to Other Planets?

You hear it in the Valley all the time when the Upper Valley has hit 104 three days in a row:  "Woooo, it's way too hot!  Something's wrong!"  When a cold front takes us down into the 30s, you hear:  "

Earth's Changing Magnetic Field=Very Tired Compass

Most phones have a compass.  Pull it out and play with it for a moment.  Most people know that a compass works by pointing in the direction of the invisible magnetic field lines that run generally North and South, from North Pole to S

If You Must Protect a Plant in a Freeze, Cloth or Plastic?

I realize temperatures this December have been around 3 to 5 degrees above normal most of the month, so the last thing on our minds when it's 78 degrees outside is:  "How can I protect my precious Oriental Hibiscus from a freeze??

How Does That Radar Work? It Looks Like a Giant Golf Ball

Anyone who's driven along Boca Chica Boulevard near the Brownsville/SPI Airport has seen it.  What is it? It looks like a giant golf ball.

I'm Still Waiting for the Fall Leaves to Change

If you travel to or watch television shows about cities in the Midwest or New England, it's amazing how beautiful all the yellow, red, and orange leaves are in the Fall.  If you live in the Valley, then you've grown pretty used to

Super Typhoon has made landfall in Philippines

Typhoon Hagupit, or also known as Ruby has made two landfalls in the Philippines and continues to smash into the central and northern portions of the country with potentially life-threatening winds, storm surge and flash floods.

Storms in Sydney looks like alien invasion

Our skies can look a little scary sometimes, but this is completely out of this world. Last week, Sydney had a massive storm, which isn't unusual. But the way some of the clouds formed looked a little alien.

Could Hurricane Nuri Bring a Big Winter Storm to the U.S.?

Typhoon Nuri (or Hurricane Nuri... it's a typhoon in the Pacific) is starting to break apart as it approaches the shores of Alaska.