Think the RGV's Hot? Try CoRoT-7b!

Think the RGV's Hot?  Try CoRoT-7b!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 12:04am

What?  What is CoRoT-7b?  It's an exoplanet with really hot weather.  What's an exoplanet?  An exoplanet is a planet OUTSIDE our own solar system.

Scientists have studied over 900 exoplanets using special telescopes to analyze those planets' climate and weather.  Their conclusion?  Even when it's 103 in the Edinburg for the third day in a row, be grateful we don't like on a distant exoplanet.

Here is an example of one of the many planets you can read about in the article linked below:

CoRoT-7b:  According to Eric Sofge in the article "The Terrible Weather on 6 Exoplanets,"  he summarized the weather on CoRoT-7b like this:  "Like many confirmed exoplanets, CoRoT-7b is close enough to its parent star to be both hotter than anyone’s interpretation of hell (up to 4700 F, to be specific) and tidally-locked, with one hemisphere cooking under a stellar heat lamp. CoRoT-7b is a strange case, though. It’s rocky, so its heat isn’t distributed throughout the planet, as is the case with some gas giants, keeping its dark hemisphere at somewhere around minus 350 F. Weirder still, astronomers believe that 7b’s combination of scorching heat and mineral-rich atmosphere could result in a rainfall of rocks, on both the frigid and lava-soaked sides."

Wow!  103 and little breezy in the afternoon sounds pretty good to me!

If you'd like to make yourself feel even better about the Valley's heat, please click here..

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