Taking a look back in time

Taking a look back in time
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Monday, December 30, 2013 - 4:22pm

Interesting weather facts in Texas

We are so close to the New Year, and I don't feel like I am ready for the new challenges ahead. But then again, how many of us are scared of change?

I know I am. But as I have started my new career as a weather caster and hopefully one day a meteorologist, I have noticed, Mother Nature does care if you are afraid of change or not.

She is always surprising us with insane weather changes that sometimes we are not ready for. So today we will talk about the abrupt weather changes that has taken place throughout history.

FUN FACT: Did you know that the average January temperature for Amarillo is 36.7 degrees, while in Brownsville the average is 61.4.

Well on March 27, 1984, the temperature in Brownsville was 106 degrees while Amarillo reported snow and 35 degrees. (http://web2.airmail.net/danb1/texas_weather_facts.htm)

DID YOU KNOW: The average number of days between the first and last freeze of the winter season in Brownsville averages only 44 days, while Dalhart in the Texas Panhandle averages over four times as long with 189 days.

From 1950-2007, Harris County in southeast Texas reported the most tornadoes in Texas with 212.

Interestingly enough, four of the Top 5 counties for the most tornadoes are located on the Texas Gulf Coast rather than in the Tornado Alley portion of Texas.

This is a result of high annual thunderstorm and tropical/hurricane activity along the coast.

Sutton County in southwest Texas reported the lowest number of tornadoes with only one touching down in the county during the period. ( National Climatic Data Center)

And of course I can not leave my home town out. There is a reason we are called the Sun City!

Port Arthur in southeast Texas is the 3rd most humid city in the United States with an average of 77% annual humidity.

In contrast, El Paso in West Texas is the 5th least humid city with an annual average humidity of only 42.5%. In addition, El Paso is the 5th sunniest city in the United States with 83% of possible sunshine annually. (http://web2.airmail.net/danb1/texas_weather_facts.htm)

There is about 293 days of total sunshine! (http://www.currentresults.com/Weather/Texas/annual-days-of-sunshine.php)

 Texas is incredibly so diverse when it comes to weather!

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