Not Enough Rain to Float a Boat... Yet.

Not Enough Rain to Float a Boat... Yet.
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Monday, June 23, 2014 - 11:48pm

The Monday morning cloudy skies and scattered showers were quite nice in Harlingen and much of the Lower Valley.  The scattered Monday evening t-showers brought some much needed rain to Starr County.  But rain totals did not exactly wash anyone away.  Brownsville and SPI received a trace.  Harlingen received 0.01 inches.  Not much.

Tuesday will bring a return to the cloudy skies and more scattered showers.  Don't expect high rain amounts on Tuesday either. 

Wednesday is a different story.  Instability and additional moisture mean the potential of some showers and t-showers with some locally heavy rainfall.  Enough to float a boat?  No.  Enough to measure?  Yes.

The RGV really, really needs some good rainfall because it is falling behind the normal rainfall averages.  For example, Brownsville has received 5.38 inches this year.  Normal rainfall would be 9.67 inches.  That's a difference of 4.29 inches. 

McAllen is way behind normal with its 2.89 inches this year.  It should have received 8.74 inches, a difference of 5.85 inches. 

Harlingen is a little better than McAllen.  It has received 4.87 inches compared to a normal amount of 9.70 inches, a difference of 4.83 inches.

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