Most deadliest natural disaster

Most deadliest natural disaster
Jon McCal
Weather Talk
Thursday, December 26, 2013 - 3:33pm

You will never know when its coming!

We've been seeing a few sprinkles coming down in Brownsville this morning and it looks like these rain clouds aren't going to be going anywhere all day.

And that got me thinking. When was the last time we saw a flash flood envade Brownsville. 

I know El Paso has seen its fair share of flooding. This year has been a rough year for people living in the Sun City. Floods were to blame for all the propety damage due to the massive rain storm that swept through the borderland region. It  caused many people to lose everything they owned including their house.

I know hurricanes are a major threat for us here in Brownsville, but what about Flash Flooding?

Fun Fact: Did you know flash flooding is the number one deadliest natural disaster? One inch of water can wash away your car!! In fact, back in 1931, Flash Flooding was responsible for 4 MILLION deaths in China. That year 7 cylcones had hit China and you could only imagine the destruction those floods caused.

The second deadliest natural disaster are earthquakes.

For people living on the coast, this is something that is more than just a known fact. It has been experiences they have lived. (I have yet to live through a hurricane, and I pray I never have to.)

As a matter in fact, Starr County saw Major Flash Flooding in August of 2008. I bet many remember this dreadful year. 

According to the National Weather Service, a stationary complex of thunderstorms dumped an estimated 8 to 10 inches, but possibly 12 inches or more, near and just east of Roma. 

Farther east, more than 6 inches of rain fell near McAllen and Mission on the evening of the 18th, and locally heavy rainfall affected portions of Willacy and Kenedy Counties as well.

The National Weather Services states: Damage assessment teams from the Red Cross had found nearly 1000 (981) homes to be impacted by the flooding, with 30 sustaining major damage.

Flash Flooding can come in the dark of the night with out any warning, and just like that, the furious waters can swipe your home and everything in it.

That is why like any natural disaster, Meteorologists warn, if you have presistent rain falling in your area, take precaution because there is only so much water soil can take before it wont' soak up anymore. Damns can also be to blame for flash flooding.

So always be on alert when heavy rain hits your area.

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