Lighter Winds, Cooler Day?

Lighter Winds, Cooler Day?
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Monday, June 30, 2014 - 11:19pm

If you own a sailboat then this may not be good news:  The winds on Tuesday will be a little lighter, making the highs slightly cooler. 

Did you know that, given similar weather conditions, wind will make the night and the day warmer?  At night, it is still air with clear skies than can make the coolest night.  If wind is a factor (over 5 mph), it can actually keep the air mixed and prevent it from radiative cooling.  The same is true in the afternoon.  Stronger winds mean stronger kinetic energy and a warmer high temperature.

Look at the peak wind gusts and high temperatures recorded in the RGV on Monday:

Brownsville:  30 mph peak gust, 92 high

Harlingen:  36 mph peak gust, 97 high

McAllen:  38 mph peak gust, 98 high

I predict that the winds will be slightly less gusty on Tuesday, from 25 mph to 30 mph.  If the wind/high temperature relationship holds true, then the highs should be lower by one or two degrees.  It's exciting to watch and find out.

For my long range forecast, click here..

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