It's Been a Hot Week, and This Bird Needs Rain!

It's Been a Hot Week, and This Bird Needs Rain!
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Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 11:27pm

You have to look closely, but there's a little bird resting on the telephone line.  If we could read his little mind, he might be thinking, "Darn, it's been hot!  We need rain.  I'm hungry for a bug!"

Except for the part about wanting a bug, I agree with this bird.  But birds also have a natural "sense" when the weather is about to change.  I wonder if this little bird knows that the RGV will have a chance of showers and some isolated t-showers on Friday and Saturday.

The highs this week have been a bit brutal.  They haven't been record highs, but they have very close every day.  McAllen's highs Monday through Friday were 101, 102,104, and 104.  Harlingen was a tad cooler with highs of 98, 98, 101, and 101.  Brownsville was the "chilly" area with highs of 98, 96, 98, and 98. 

Rain is another story.  The Valley is way behind on rainfall.  Brownsville is 5.16 inches below normal.  Harlingen is 6.88 inches below normal.  McAllen is 7.91 inches below normal.

Now some good news!  A chance of scattered showers is coming both Friday and Saturday.  For my long range forecast, please click here.

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