Hey, Where Did the Moon Go?

Hey, Where Did the Moon Go?
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Friday, July 25, 2014 - 11:56pm

Don't worry.  Saturday's moon will not be visible because it is a New Moon.  What's that? 

At the new moon phase, the moon is between Earth and sun. The illuminated side of the moon is facing away from us, so we don't see it.  The opposite happens with a full moon.  A full moon is on the other side of the earth, where the earth is between the sun and moon.  Thus, it is completely illuminated.

So now that we are excited about seeing a full moon again, when is the next one?

I've found a website that is very helpful in tracking the phases of the moon.  It gives a calendar with the various phases by calendar date, so that we can step outside and enjoy.  The next full moon, by the way, is August 10.  Here's the link... http://stardate.org/nightsky/moon

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