Gardening Tip: It's not dust; it's powdery mold!

Gardening Tip:  It's not dust; it's powdery mold!
Robert Bettes
Weather Talk
Friday, February 21, 2014 - 11:19pm

What a beautiful day in the RGV!  Sunshine, highs in the 70s!  Maybe you enjoyed the weather outside in your garden, the way I did. 

But maybe you stepped outside to find a horrifying sight:  a weird, white dust on your favorite plant!

Well, don't worry.  It can be corrected and should be neutralized because that powdery mildew could ultimately harm your plant. 

Apply a fungicide to bushes, roses, and trees that have that powdery mildew.  You can find these spray fungicides at home improvements stores.  Hook them up to the hose, and spray once every 14 days until that powdery mildew is gone.

This weekend will be the perfect weekend to work in the yard.  Highs move into the low 80s Saturday, mid 80s on Sunday!

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