Gardening Tip: Check Those Sprinklers!

Gardening Tip:  Check Those Sprinklers!
Robert Bettes
Weather Talk
Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 10:14pm

If I have a very troubled, concerned look on my face, it's because I have an important question for lawn and garden lovers all over the RGV. 

Do you know what your sprinklers are doing at night?

If you're like many, your sprinklers are on a timer and come on at night or in the early morning. Are they on the "honor system?" Are they leaving large areas of your lawn UN-sprinkled... because they are... BROKEN?????

Be sure to run through each zone and fix the broken sprinklers. Broken sprinklers waste water and fail to irrigate the lawn properly.  It's a good idea to check for broken sprinklers ever three or four months.

Plus, it's soothing and therapeutic to watch the sprinklers at work every once and a while... or maybe I'm the only one who likes watching them.  Happy gardening!

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