Does changing weather affect your health?

Does changing weather affect your health?
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POSTED: Friday, December 27, 2013 - 3:41pm

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Seperating myth from fiction

This is such a comical picture. I loved it.

It looks like these two birds are just sitting around enjoying this cloudy and rainy weather.

I really love this kind of weather.

Maybe because it would usually never rain in El Paso.

But the few times it would rain, my mother would always have helpful tips so I would take care of my health.

She would always make me wear a jacket otherwise she said I would come down with the cold. I wonder how mothers come up with these conclusions.

Or when I would just have finished showering, my mother would never let me go outside in the cold weather with wet hair.

She swore I would catch pneumonia and die.

Or the funniest one I ever heard her tell me, "cover your mouth before going outside in the cold, or you'll end up with a permanent twitch on your face." 

So that got me thinking, how many of these tips are actually fact and how many are fiction.

Fun Fact:: Have you heard that a good percentage of heat escapes through your head? Guess what? That's a myth! Equal amount if not more body heat escapes through your bare arms or legs than through your noggin! This is according to Discovery Fit and Health website.

Ok so what really causes a cold? Well it certainly isn't going outside in the cold without a jacket, although a may feel pretty chilly. 

According to, there are more 200 different viruses that cause the cold. But most of these viruses thrive during the seasons of low humidity.... otherwise known as fall and winter!

This is where these myths come from: Going outside in the cold without a scarf or jacket will cause the cold, or changing weather causes people to get sick.

In all reality, it's people who aren't kind enough to cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough that spark the chain reaction of the illness. It's also the gathering of people during the colder weather.

Being close enough to someone with the cold is an almost 100% guarantee you will come down with the cold yourself. The dry air in these seasons can also dry out the mucus lining of your nasal passages making your prone to catching a virus.

Last myth. Can you get a facial paralysis if you walk out without a scarf in the cold?

According to a Mexican website, doctors confirm that a rapid change in temperature can paralysis some of your facial features.

This doesn't just happen when you go outside without a scarf or covering your mouth. It can also happen if you are out in a really cold environment and you drink something really hot.

The science behind this because the small arteries in our facial nervous system close up and lose their function once they are introduced to a sudden change in temperature.

I guess there is some truth behind all the myths our mothers tell us.

It's safe to say, mothers do know best.

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