Weather Talk

Thursday's Cold Front Means Storms for Much of Texas

An early Spring cold front is pushing through western Texas Wednesday night and will produce several t-showers over much of the state on Thursday.

Lawn Terror Alert: Crabgrass!!

There are two things that terrify my about gardening:  Roses and crabgrass!  (And disturbing a hive of killer bees.  Okay, that's three things.)

Moderate to Strong Upper Valley Storms Possible Saturday

A large low pressure system is moving out of Mexico and up into Texas Friday night.  This will create t-showers and likely flooding from Laredo to San Antonio, cities in the direct path of the weather disturbance.  However, Starr Coun

Solar Eclipse, Supermoon, and Spring Begins: All on Friday!

It's a good thing this Friday isn't a Friday the 13th because there are a lot of unusual events that will take place.

We'll Be Seein' Green... on the Radar!

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day.  It's the day we all become a little Irish and celebrate the Roman Catholic feast day of the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick died on March 17, 461.

Can Weather Affect Your Mood? Depends on Your "Personality"

Some people absolutely LOVE a cloudy, dark, rainy day. It seems they have more energy and are happier on cloudy days.

Another Record Rainfall Tuesday?

Monday brought a new record for rainfall to the Valley.  Brownsville/SPI International Airport recorded an amazing 2.03 inches of rain, breaking the old record of 0.41 inches set back in 1966.  Harlingen also broke the record for rain

The love/hate of Spring Daylight Saving Time

It is that time of year again! A reminder most Americans seem to have a love/hate relationship with I'm talking about "Spring Forward" Daylight Saving Time. Tomorrow at 2AM we will be setting our clocks one hour ahead.

Thanks, British! I Lose An Hour of Sleep Sunday!

Daylight Savings Time starts early Sunday morning.  But I don't understand what I'm saving because I LOSE one hour of sleep.  Remember, we turn our clocks FORWARD one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday morning. 

Here We Go Again! Big March Cold Front for Texas!

A Wind Chill Advisory is posted for the Valley starting at 6 a.m. Thursday until 6 p.m.

Rain Is a Mixed Blessing for Allergies

Lots of people LOVE rainy weather.  A good rain shower makes everything so fresh and makes the plants come alive with color.  If you suffer from allergies, it's possible you love the rain even more!  That's because rain c

How to Trick... uh... Encourage Your Kids to Garden

I love to spend time in my yard. I'm one of those coo-coo birds who loves to pull weeds! But even more than I love gardening, I love gardening with my kids.

Your Charro Days Forecast

It's finally here!  Charro Days!  There's a 100% chance of great music, wonderful food, and amazing cultural entertainment.  There's also a 100% chance of ups and downs in the forecast through the end of the week and

Texas Just Can't Shake the Cold Fronts!

What a winter it has been.  Or, as we say in Texas, "It's been a humdinger!"  Another significant cold front has swept through the entire state, and it has caused more ice and snow.

Windy Friday and Saturday? Blame the Jet Stream!

The image above may seem like a beautiful piece of modern art that should be hanging in a fashionable museum, but to a meteorologist... it spells WIND.