Voters Guide to be Web Based in Cameron Co.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - 1:27pm

The League of Women Voters is going high tech and interactive. The goal is to better inform voters about the candidates up for election in this month's run-off election.

In years past, they've been paper based, but now the very first Voters Guide here in the Rio Grande Valley will be internet based.

The internet based guide will allow the ten Cameron County candidates up for election to interact first hand with voters. The League of Women Voters sent out invites for the candidates to join in on the internet based Voters Guide.

"I'm hoping they will all participate in this cause it will be so great for voters to be able to make their own choice and it's not just looking at who has the most signs," says League of Women Voters President, Riley Morgan.

The idea is for voters to get a better understanding of who a candidate is and how they would address important issues that matter to you.

“It will have candidates displayed side by side. The question will be there and they will each answer and you will see the side by side answers of those questions,” says Morgan.

Morgan adds the site is pretty user friendly. All you do is go to and click on Texas and then type in your street address. When the site is up live next week, the candidate’s names will appear and you can begin researching.

With such a low voter turnout as it is here in the Rio Grande Valley, the new tool will hopefully encourage voters to participate, to make an informed decision about who they want in office and actually go to the polls and cast their vote.

“If we can get people interested in finding out about the candidates and using the site, that might stimulate them to say, "Oh I didn't know that about them,” or “I like this”, “Well I want my voice heard," explains Morgan.

Early voting begins next week, July 23rd; that’s the expected launch date of this internet based Voters Guide.

“I just want everybody to vote you know. It’s our best way of making sure we are doing something for the future," says Morgan.

For more information on the online Voters Guide you can contact Riley Morgan at

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