WaterCooler CallOut: Asking For Change

POSTED: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 - 9:38pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:33am

The Latest WaterCooler CallOut has me waiving my finger of dissaproval and the demand for QUICK RESULTS.
The Valley's NBA D-League Vipers will have their 3rd head coach in as many years.
It's a league where players shelf life on a team rivals that of a banana staying ripe.

Two stories here: believe which you will.

1) Vipers and Rockets really didn't see Moser getting them over the hump (he posts a 21-29 record) Remember he brought in a lot of "HIS GUYS" like Jordan, Williams, Looby, Hubbard. That's story number one.

2) The latter is that the Rockets want one of THEIR GUYS. It's about who you know. Houston takes over basketball operations in July. You could almost feel the heat from the paper printers: the headline felt eminent that Moser would be the next change made. And bet on it, we'll know in a week or so the next coach and he'll likely have a Rockets connection, or just BE their KINDA GUY.

I'm neither saying it's wrong nor right, just that's the fact of being a coach or player anymore. There's a low tolerance for failure and high precedents of winning, winning fast and winning a lot. Moser has a solid scouting resume, so i'm sure there's work for him in basketball.

Let's not ride off the new coach before he gets here. Would you pass on a doughnut because you're not sure if it's filled with either cream or jelly? The pinacle is...the Vipers will still be involved in the community and give fans and families a fun evening of entertainment on the court.

Don't expect the world from your teams coaching staff, because I'm sure it's been a while since you performed at 100 percent EVERY DAY on your field, you call work.

This has been the latest WaterCooler CallOut.

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