Winter Games Valley Style: Shuffleboard

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 8:34am

One of the Olympic events in Russia this week, involves a stone, a skip and sweepers.

If that sounds foreign to you, you probably aren't too familiar with the sport of curling. That's the game played on ice where players slide a 42 pound rock down the ice, aiming at a target which can award points to their team, but it's a little more complicated that that, because sweepers can change the course of the rock as it slides.

You might not be familiar with the sport because we don't have many Winter Olympic events in the Valley, but we do compete at something a little like it shuffleboard, Matt Fernandez shows us.

There is not ice in the Valley for curling, but there is plenty of cement at the Fun n Sun RV Resort in San Benito for a game called shuffleboard. How it works is there are four players in the game, two on each team, "Four throws of  your discs, there are numbers on the court you score on, depends are where you put your disc, you get a 10, 7, or 8, or a -10. That's how the scoring goes, you could be playing six round,  you could play eight or ten rounds."

The -10 area is called the kitchen, if the disc hits the line it doesn't count for any points. One of the best players at Fun N Sun RV is 92 year-old Rudy Weeks.

Matt Fernandez, "How long have you been playing shuffle board for?"

Rudy Weeks, "Since 1975, these guys kid about my age because I am 92, they are on me all the time."

Evan Engell from Ontario, Canada has been playing for five years, "A lot of strategy involved, it's setting up blocks, getting behind the blocks, every disc is used to score or set it up a future use as a guard to get behind it."

Things get more competitive for some of the players, "Especially the men, they are really competitive, us girls don't like to play with them because they are too serious, to strict, we like to have more fun. Most of them laugh and they shoot each other in the kitchen, the men they get mad and try to get them out."

The most important part of the game is having fun, "It's a good time, we are enjoying ourselves here we have been coming to the park for 12 years. Great for the waistline, is you bend over now and then."

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