Edcouch-Elsa Season on Hold till Thursday

POSTED: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 - 10:40am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:32pm

One Valley football powerhouse program could miss the playoffs, that after winning every game of the regular season. Officials at Edcouch-Elsa are defending allegations that the team knowingly took the field with an ineligible player.

If the Yellow jackets did break UIL rules, the team would be knocked from the playoffs. Mission Vets would replace Edcouch-Elsa in the post season should the Edcouch-Elsa be stripped of their district wins.

Reports have surfaced that the 32-4A district was forced to bring up the alleged violation because if the district tried to cover it up, all four teams could be removed from the post-season. The Yellow jackets must wait till Thursday to discover the teams fate.

“Below is Tuesday’s press release form the U-I-L regarding the Edcouch-Elsa player allegedly in violation”

“AUSTIN --- The State Executive Committee of the University Interscholastic League will convene at 9 a.m. on Thursday, November 13 at the UIL building in Austin to determine the eligibility of a student-athlete at Edcouch-Elsa High School concerning Sections 440 and 443(e) of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules.

Subject to the other sections of this subchapter, an individual is eligible to participate in a League varsity athletic contest as a representative of a participant school if that individual:
(a) meets all the requirements of Section 400;
(b) is a resident of the member school district (see Section 442), and a resident of the
attendance zone in which the participant school being attended is situated,
(1) Or has been continuously enrolled in and regularly attending the school for at least the previous calendar year if his or her parents do not reside within the school district’s attendance zone; see (5) (B) below for exception. Note: a student who has changed schools for athletic purposes may be declared ineligible for more than one calendar year. See §443 (f) (3).
(2) Or the student is attending a school outside the attendance zone where the parents reside because the school board or other appropriate authority changed district or attendance zone lines.
(3) Intra-District Transfers To Vocational, Magnet Or Optional Attendance Area
Schools. Or is transferring at the first opportunity to do so from one school within an ISD to the same ISD’s vocational high school, magnet school, International
Baccalaureate Program school or optional attendance area. Students would not be eligible at the new school for varsity athletics for at least one calendar year if they transferred for athletic purposes, or opted to transfer after their first opportunity to transfer.
(4) Or is a transfer student from a public 8-grade system not containing a high school, who transferred at the first opportunity:
(A) to select a high school with geographical boundaries contiguous to his or her K-8 school; or
(B) to a high school for which the K-8 school attended receives state transportation funds; or
(C) to the high school located nearest the student’s residence.
(5) Foreign Exchange Students.
(A) Foreign exchange students are ineligible for varsity athletic contests the first year they attend a participant school unless they are granted a waiver of the parent residence rule as outlined in Sections 465 and 468.
(B) Foreign exchange students who receive a foreign exchange waiver and participate in UIL varsity athletic contests during their first year in the host school may not participate in those same contests if they return for a second year to the host school. The student may, however, participate in any other UIL varsity sport. See Official Interpretations #4, 5, 6, 26 and 28, Appendix I.
(c) is less than 19 years old on September 1 preceding the contest, or has been granted
eligibility based on a disability which delayed his or her education by at least one year
(see Section 446);
(d) did not change schools for athletic purposes (see Sections 5, 443);
(e) is an amateur (see Section 441 and Official Interpretation #7, Appendix I); and
(f) was eligible according to Section 400 (c) (fifteen calendar day rule) and Section 440 (b) (residence rule) at the participant school the student wishes to represent prior to the
deadline for district certification (non-compliance results in ineligibility only in postdistrict
competition in that sport).

to have changed schools for athletic purposes if he or she participated with his or her
former school in any League athletic contest or practice in grades eight through twelve
during any previous school year until:
(1) the student’s parents change their residence to the new school or attendance zone; (See Section 442 (g) for a student who changes residence with a separated parent); and
(2) the superintendent (or designated administrator) and principal and/or coach of the previous school sign a PAPF stating that the student was not recruited to the new school and did not change schools or attendance zones for athletic purposes; and
(3) the superintendent (or designated administrator) of the new school signs a PAPF stating that the student was not recruited and is not changing schools for athletic purposes; and
(4) the parents sign a PAPF either in front of the new school’s administrator or a notary public that they reside in the new school district or attendance zone and the change was not made for their child’s athletic purposes; and
(5) the district executive committee approves the completed PAPF.

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