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Winter Texan

POSTED: Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 1:03pm

UPDATED: Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 12:07pm

"Hi this is Kristi Collier for NewsCenter 23 with your Winter Texan Report, reporting today from the Mercedes Livestock Show Grounds. Where we are celebrating happy hour to kick of the Smokin' On The Rio BBQ challenge. We are with Chuck Sellman who is the found of The Smokin' On The Rio BBQ Cook Off. So tell us a little about the cook off and what we are doing."

Chuck Sellman, "Well we raise money for Youth Programs here in the Rio Grande Valley particular at the Live stock, We have been the number one buyer here for the last four years. Just try to take care of the youth. Particular the kids from smaller towns, that not many business are there to support them. We just try to help those guys out."

Kristi Collier, "Well that sounds fantastic we are kicking it off with the winter Texan happy hour."

Musician, "If your from this places scream it out ok. From the lakes of Minnesota."

Kristi Collier, "All of the proceeds today go to support Smokin' On The Rio BBQ Cook Off. So the Smokin' On The Rio Cook off is always on."

Chuck Sellman, "Its always the final Saturday of February, here at the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show."

Kristi Collier, "So the Smokin' On The Rio Cook Off has changed a little bit in the last ten years."

Chuck Sellman, "Oh, Yes we started out with 16 teams and this years we have approximately 160 teams it maybe a little late this years but stock show is March 8th thru 17th. One the 16th The Sale Of Champions will be out showing what we do with the money we make. We would love for people to come out and see The Sale Of Champions to see what a difference we make."

Kristi Collier, "Sound like a a good deal to me we will see you at the Mercedes Live Stock Show coming up in March."

Kristi Collie, "more events, activity and more go to"

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