The Welcome Home Winter Texan Report

Winter Texan
Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 3:30pm

We are at the Winter Ranch fourth annual quilt show, with Linda and Jackie which are the spear headers of this event. Well, tell us a little about this event and what the proceeds go to. And just anything and everything that you would like to tell us.

Linda Doerschug, "We have about one hundred and sixty items this year, which is bigger than we have been. And the proceed for the admission go for Quilting For the Needy. All of our quilts done in our quit room goes out to varies organizations in the Valley."

Kristi Collier, "Like what organization and what do they do with the quilts?"

Jackie McAuley, "We have some that goes to the Easter Seals, some go to Children's Hospital in the Neonato Unit, we have some that go to our first responders with in the park."

Linda Doerschug, "They are various organizations, right now mostly we are making for Easter Seals, because they are very needy here in the Valley in terms of not having many quilts given to them. We also give to the Hospice care in the Valley . And we give up to San Antonio to Quilts of Valor and those to thru the Rio Grande Valley."

Kristi Collier, "How many quilts do you guys think you quilt every year?"

Linda Doerschug, "Upwards of four hundred."

Kristi Collier, "Wow!, How many ladies do you have that participate in you quilt club?"

Jackie McAuley, "In high season you are talking about January to about March, we can have up to about twenty five to about thirty quilters. In Lower times we still have about fifteen to ten to fifteen."

Kristi Collier, "They donate their time do they donate all the materials and the supplies?"

Linda Doerschug, "The proceeds from this show will help buy some of the fabric, some is donated, some people make at home and bring it, some people work all summer and bring the quilts to us. It just comes in."

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