Kids and hot cars

Keeping Your Family Safe
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 12:51pm

A car can overheat within minutes, risking severe injury or even death for a child accidentally left behind.

It may be every parent's worst nightmare.

Unfortunately, kids accidentally being left in hot cars is a real issue.

This public service announcement carries a message with the power to save lives. Simply put:

Never leave your child alone in the car even for a minute, whether they're in a carseat or not.

The temperature inside that car can rise twenty degrees in a mere ten minutes and that can be devastating to a child.

An infant doesn't tolerate heat as well as, as an adult and so their cells can be injured

Injuries can be serious, even deadly. In fact, the organization says that, on average throughout the past fifteen years, there have been 38 such fatalities annually in the US alone.

Experts agree these tragedies are preventable, and offer these tips to all parents and caregivers.

A good reminder, visual reminder, might be to take that child's stuffed animal and have it in the front seat next to you you may want to bring your purse or laptop computer and put it next to baby's carseat

Whatever you do, never leave a child.

Not even to run into the store, to run back into the house because you never know what's going to happen.

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