Special Report:Brownsville Citizens Police Academy

Friday, May 4, 2012 - 2:29pm

It's called the Brownsville Citizens Police Academy.

"Always wanted to be an officer that's what I have been wanting to to do, local PD, Trooper, or US Customs."

These are just two of the many who are taking part of the Brownsville Citizen's Police Academy. The students will go through a 10 week course.

"To inform the citizens of Brownsville to let them know what we do on a day to day bases, it breaks down all the divisions we have for example the K-9 there is swat every division we have in our department."

"This is magnum a 98 pound German Shepard from Holland."

Today's lesson is on K-9's and there handlers. While the K-9 was in the car the handler put some marijuana behind a license plate of a pickup.the dog doesn't know where he put it.

"We set a small amount of marijuana we are going to see him work and search, i am going to have him search the cars and watch the dog work."


"skip, skip, good boy sit."

Within seconds the dog found the marijuana.
Another lesson they learned how strong the dogs are

"This is training, I wouldn't do this is the street, Brownsville police come from behind the building let me see your hands, Did you see they guy wrapping the guy up? Good, step away from my dog."

"The action between the officer and the K-9 was amazing never seen that before, to see the time and effort officers put with these dogs in amazing real glad i got to see this."

After the 10 weeks are finished for the students they will receive a certificate of completion,.

"I do recommend it because people have perception that cops doing nothing but in reality they do a lot for the community, I really encourage the citizens to attend the Citizens Academy is a good eye opening experience for the community."

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