Sea Turtle Inc Hoping Speed Reduction Bill On The Beach Passes

Each year around 150 females nest in Texas during nesting season.

"Most of the areas where they nest are in unhabitated areas and subject to vehicle traffic, they are very small and nests in daylight hours are not visible to fast moving traffic.

There is a house bill that is aimed to reduce to speed limit on the north end of South Padre Island where some areas it is currently 25. the bill would reduce that speed to 15. Jeff George with Sea Turtle Inc says the speed reduction is critical because he's seen the damage done to a turtle hit by a vehicle.

"The vehicle caught after hitting the turtle was going between 25-30 the turtle was hit and torn it apart it bled to death in front of our eyes."

Representatives from congressman Blake Farenthold's office visited with George and he told them the important of reducing the speed limit.

"Enlighten the representative that turtles do nest here and how hard it is it to see them at a high rate of speed on those beaches."