RNC: Setting The Stage

Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 2:12pm

Final preparations are underway for Mitt Romney's speech.

Tonight on a brand new stage built just this morning Mitt Romney will try to reassure conservatives and re-introduce himself to swing-state independents as the Republican National Convention rolls to a close.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity right now for the governor to reach voters who say 'You know I've heard a lot about this guy in the policy debates but I don't much about him personally. I want to learn what makes this guy tick,'" says senior Romney advisor Kevin Madden.

Polls show some voters willing to give Romney a chance aren't quite convinced he understands them.

Last night Paul Ryan focused on Romney's character.

"Some people can't be dragged down by the usual cheap tactics, because their ability, character, and plain decency are so obvious - and ladies and gentlemen, that is Mitt Romney," Ryan said.

Still unknown is whether Romney's speech will touch on polarizing social issues, including abortion.

Romney's campaign says they're holding 250 "watch parties" in swing states all over the country.

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