Attorney: 600 bullets fired at hostage

California family says police use of excessive force in standoff lead to the death of hostage Misty Holt-Singh. Melinda Meza reports.

Detroit shooting leaves toddler dead

Police say gang fight at high school spilled over into nearby neighborhood, with 3-year-old caught in the crossfire. Chauncy Glover reports.

Kids & sleep disorders

(KPRC) Sleep is the time when the body can rest and rejuvenate. But when kids don't get enough sleep, it sets the stage for a variety of problems, including depression, weight gain and declining school performance.

Halloween pumpkin apps

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland reviews apps that can help take your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern to the next level.  

Breast cancer: Genetic testing debated

Researcher who discovered "breast cancer gene" calls for widespread testing, but not all doctors agree. Barbara Morse Silva reports. (WJAR) Most breast cancers are diagnosed through a mammogram.

Apple launches slimmer iPad

(NBC News) Weeks after launching its new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to a warm reception, Apple set out to restore some sizzle Thursday to the product that ignited tablet computing: The iPad.

Ebola: Searching for a rapid test

Researchers at Tulane University are working to develop a blood test that could detect the Ebola virus in a matter of minutes. Gina Swanson reports.

Ebola: How clean is your plane?

Plane that carried Ebola patient Amber Vinson given intense cleaning; aviation expert says thorough scrub down is not part of normal airline protocol. Anastasiya Bolton reports.

Bizarre test drive: Craigslist assault

Craigslist car seller offers interested buyer vehicle in exchange for sexual favors; then shows gun and claims he's a police officer when she refuses. Joe LaFurgey reports.

Houston subpoenas sermons

City attorney demands churches notes on sermons on recently passed equal rights ordinance, outraging pastors. Mark Boyle reports.