First aid apps

There are numerous first aid apps to help you and your pets this Summer if emergency first aid is needed. Mike Wendland reports  

Billed for death

A family in Michigan is outraged after the fire department sent a bill to the victim of a deadly car crash. Nathan Lehota reports.

New fraud schemes targeting families of unaccompanied children

The Federal Bureau of Investigation-San Antonio Division, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and U.S.

Barber promotes reading

This isn't your normal barbershop. You'll find the typical tools of the trade. But also books. For kids walking into Royal Touch Barbershop, it's so much more than haircut.

NBA stars transgender sister killed

Baltimore City homicide detectives are investigating the killing of the transgender sister of NBA star Reggie Bullock. George Lettis reports.

Waitress accused of drugging customer

(KPRC) Dish Society is a trendy new restaurant in the 5700 block of San Felipe, not far from The Galleria area.

Siblings reunited after 53 years

After more than 53 years, a Cleveland, Texas man was reunited with his sister thanks to a Facebook connection and a lot of hard work from his wife. Syan Rhodes reports.

Man declared dead is really alive

A central Kentucky family says the V-A hospital in Lexington made a major mix-up when it declared their loved one dead, when he was actually alive.

Polar Invasion sets records across the nation

We saw the Polar Invasion, or a really strong cold front with an associated low pressure system enter the United States and bring all sorts of crazy weather across the nation.

Man allowed to keep collection of around 300 snakes in his home

Neighbors may not sleep any easier as a Minnesota man passes a compliance check allowing him to keep his collection of around 300 snakes in his home. Adrienne Broadus reports.