Eight lives left

(KTVZ) As wind-fanned flames ripped through windows of a Prineville, Oregon home Thursday afternoon, firefighters battled the blaze from the top and worked to rescue trapped animals from the bottom.

High-tech stocking stuffers

(NBC News) Still looking for stocking stuffers? There are plenty of high-tech gadgets that will run you less than $50.

Flu-fighting foods?

(WBBH) Could a dose of bacteria help you fight the flu? It's probably not your first thought, but it can help balance a person's immune system and get you back on track.

Game tech helps stroke victims

(WTLV) Physical therapists are using 3-D gaming technology to help stroke victims walk again. Chris McTarnathan suffered a stroke on March 1, 2013.

Postal carrier rescues pups

(WTHR) Working as a mail carrier for six years, Melinda Thompson's never met a dog she didn't like.

Garbage man delivers Christmas

(WFIE) On Monday, 4-year-old Liam Sadler did what he always does. He waited patiently for the garbage man to make his routine stop at his Evansville, Indiana home.

Caught on cam: ATV vandals

Security footage shows ATV riders with young children in tow destroying cameras as they sneak into gated community. Jamel Lanee' reports.

Brutal abuse: Poodle set on fire

(KFOR) Authorities in Spencer, Oklahoma are searching for the person responsible for burning a dog and leaving it for dead. Law enforcement say it is one of the worst cases of animal abuse they have ever seen.

Hero cabbie foils scam

(WBBH) A Florida cab driver has proven he's somewhat of a hero, once again. This time he helped stop a scam in progress before the victim lost more than a thousand dollars.

Layaway angel

(NECN) It was a gift no shopper at a Toys R Us store in Bellingham, Massachusetts was expecting to receive. An unknown person visited the store Wednesday and paid off $20,000 in merchandise that was on layaway.