Coping with the flood

Residents living along Louisiana's Houston River might consider flooding a major inconvenience, but one woman is making the best of it. Lee Peck reports.

Healing with Wii

(WSMV) You can see the determination on Gavin Chitwood's face. The 8-year-old is focused on beating his personal best.

How long does it take to get sunburned without protection?

The sun here in the Valley is no joke as many of Rio Grande Valley folks can atest to. But simple things like putting on sunblock is a step that some of us are too busy to make time for. (me included)

Caught on cam: Hospital thief

(WSMV) Sitting in a hospital waiting room can be stressful enough, but for one woman, the worry was compounded when someone stole from her.

"Porch shooting" trial begins

Attorneys deliver opening statements in trial of Detroit man who claimed self defense after shooting car accident victim knocking on his door. Chris Clackum reports.

Travelers left stranded

(NBC News) The Federal Aviation Administration has grounded flights to Tel Aviv for a second straight day amid concerns about rocket attacks in the region.

Gunman's journal released

(KING) A judge has released the journal of accused Seattle Pacific University shooter Aaron Ybarra.

Drive-by purse snatchers

(WESH) Two senior citizens were confronted by a gunman in a Holly Hill, Florida Walmart parking lot and told to hand over their purses. "I just kept my eye on that gun," victim Taria Houvouras said.

Bees block interstate

(WSMV) A swarm of bees around a tractor-trailer is not a sight you typically see along side the interstate. However Monday a semi hauling beehives was involved in an accident on Interstate 24 at the Tennessee-Kentucky state line.

Brawling grandma rewarded

Home Depot gives woman who battled burglars a new lawnmower; dentist offers to repair tooth broken in brawl. Geena Martinez reports.